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Westchester's Best Wash and Fold Laundry Service. Laundry Service direct to your Home or Business. Free Pickup and Delivery

Wash Like Home offers top-notch wash and fold service and laundry services. Our fluff and fold service near and around Westchester County personalizes your laundry to your specifications. We don’t just use one or two laundry products, but our wash, dry, fold service uses Tide, all varieties, Persil, stain remover, Dreft for a gentle wash. In addition, we offer environmental safe green detergents, based upon your laundry preferences. For those with sensitive skin, we offer fragrance free detergent, also. To prevent fading on dark clothes we use Woolite. We use Downy and Suavital fabric softener or a fragrance-free softener to help ensure your clothes are soft and feel good to the touch. You can also add Lysol Fabric Sanitizer.

We offer a plethora of options to help ensure you’re laundry is done the way you want, just like at home.  You want your shirts and pants hung up instead of folded? Done. You want your stains treated? Done. You have allergies and need a free and clear detergent without scent? Done. Just tell us what your special needs are and we will do it.

Our FREE pickup and delivery off laundry service will make your live even more convenient.  Just schedule a laundry pickup and your laundry will be completed for you.  This is one less job that you need to do!  Think of the extra time you will have to spend with family or friends!   

Next Day Turnaround
Per Pound

Pickup &
Delivery Service
Off each pound*

*On your second order, you can choose weekly or bi-weekly service!

48-Hour Turnaround
Per Pound


  • Sleeping Bag $20
  • Soft Trunk $20
  • Twin $25
  • Full $30
  • Queen $35
  • King $40
  • Duvet Covers (start at) $9

There is a $5 additional charge for down.

  • Twin/Throw $10
  • Full $15
  • Queen $20
  • King $25
  • Weighted $45

There is a $5 additional charge for blankets larger than a King

There is a $20 charge for missed pick-ups.

Our laundry delivery service uses the very best products. We provide heavy-duty detergent like Persil for construction workers or those with body “aroma”. We use a gentle detergent such as Dreft for babies and delicate clothing. We use Woolite, or a similar detergent for dark clothes so they don't fade. We also have an environmental safe detergent that is fragrance-free.

We personalize our pickup and delivery laundry with special care. We will air dry if requested. Stain care is provided. We use special detergents if you have allergies. Special Request per load $5

Our free pickup and delivery hours are Monday through Friday, 5am to 2pm.